Call me what you want, just as long as it’s ‘Madame President’

Elizabeth Warren has blown it. In just one speech this week, she may have ended any chance she had to become Hillary Clinton’s running mate.

When the two took the stage at Cincinnati’s Union Terminal on Monday, they looked like a dynamic duo. Warren is 67, Hillary is 68, and while that used to be on the verge of old age for presidential politics, it has become the new “seasoned.” (Barack Obama was 47 when he was elected, George W. Bush was 54 and Bill Clinton was 46.)

Both Warren and Hillary Clinton wore shades of blue — certainly no accident. They are such a pair they even dress alike! Both have short blond hair. Both look energetic, vigorous and enthusiastic.

Then they started speaking. And it was all over.

Warren was just too darn good. She went after Donald Trump like a hobo on a ham sandwich. She delivered a barnburner, a blockbuster, a foot-stomper of a speech.

If one purpose of a political speech is to define your opponent, she had that down pat.

Donald Trump, she said, is a “small, insecure money-grubber who fights for nobody but himself.”

Donald Trump “will crush you into the dirt to get whatever he wants.”

“Donald Trump says he’ll make America great again. It’s stamped right there on the front of his goofy hat. You wanna see goofy? Look at him in that hat!”

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