Brexit Leader: Hillary ‘Feels She Has A Divine Right’ To Be President

Nigel Farage, the leader of the Brexit-supporting UK Independence Party, slammed Hillary Clinton arguing, “It’s almost as if she feels she has a divine right” to be president of the United States.

In an interview with CNN’s Richard Quest from Brussels, Belgium on Tuesday, the host asked Farage if he “admire[s] Donald Trump” to which Farage replied, “Donald Trump dares to talk about things other people want to brush under the carpet. What Mr. Trump is doing in America is very different than what I am trying to do in the United Kingdom. My problem in politics is far greater than Donald Trump’s. We literally have lost our sovereignty, lost our borders, lost our ability to regulate.”

Quest interjected that Trump “would say the same thing about U.S. borders,” to which Farage replied, “The problem that you’ve got in the U.S. is illegal immigration. Our problem is legal immigration to half a billion people.”

Farage went on to argue, “I think for the United Kingdom, I think Trump will be better for us than Barack Obama has been, no doubt.”

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