Blumenthal: ‘I had a real job at the Clinton Foundation’

An aide to Hillary Clinton who provided the former secretary of state with unvetted intelligence during her tenure said Thursday there was nothing unethical about his arrangement with the Clintons.

Sidney Blumenthal, who has faced scrutiny for advising Clinton while reportedly maintaining commercial ties to Libya, said “no one made a nickel” through his business arrangement in the country.

During an interview with CNBC’s “Squawk Box” Thursday morning, host Joe Kernen pressed Blumenthal on the controversial nature of his relationship to Clinton.

“You couldn’t really join the State Department,” Kernen said, referring to reports that the Obama administration had rejected Clinton’s request to hire Blumenthal.

“You’re representing some clients in Libya but still able to influence the secretary of state, and [you’re] on the payroll of the Clinton Foundation,” Kernen added. “Does it just look bad, or is there something there that’s unethical?”

“That’s not really an accurate representation of what happened,” Blumenthal said.

“I had a real job at the Clinton Foundation working on educational projects. That was a separate matter,” he said. Critics have suggested Blumenthal was hired by the charity as a way for Clinton to give him a paycheck after his official employment at the State Department was nixed, a charge the Clinton camp has denied.

Blumenthal argued he had not signed a contract with anyone in Libya while he passed intelligence directly to Clinton through her private email network.  Read More…