Prosecutors: Clinton contributions compromise integrity of Justice Dept.

The revelation that employees at the Justice Department have supported Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign to the tune of $75,000 diminishes public trust in the department at best, prosecutors who spoke with the Washington Examiner said on Tuesday, and may suggest the department is too compromised to function properly at worst.

“‘Justice is blind’ is not an empty mantra,” said Matthew Whitaker, a U.S. attorney under President George W. Bush. “The whole republic would be in jeopardy if justice was delivered at the political whims of the prosecutors at DOJ.”

“It has never been thought of as a political institution,” said Joseph DiGenova, a federal prosecutor for Washington, D.C. under President Reagan. “That doesn’t mean there haven’t been people in it who have been political. That has happened from time to time, but particularly now … and I would say disturbingly so.”

Others took a more lenient view, but suggested there was still an image problem that warranted the appointment of an independent counsel to handle Clinton’s case. The former secretary of state is being investigated, in part, over allegations that she mishandled classified information when she led the diplomatic department. Read More…